T&D TR-7WB SERIES QUICK MANUAL Pdf Download (2024)

TR-7wb/nw Series Thermo Recorder

Please Read First

Package Contents

TR-71wb / TR-71nw

Temperature 2ch

Data Logger

Temperature Sensor

AA Alkaline Battery

TR-0106 x 2

(LR6) x 2

TR-72wb / TR-72nw

Temperature 1ch, Humidity 1ch

Data Logger


AA Alkaline Battery

Sensor THA-3001

(LR6) x 2

TR-72wb-S / TR-72nw-S

Temperature 1ch, Humidity 1ch

Data Logger

High Precision

AA Alkaline Battery


(LR6) x 2

Sensor SHA-3151

TR-75wb / TR-75nw

Thermocouple (K, J, T, E, S, R) Temperature 2ch

AA Alkaline Battery

USB Mini-B Cable

Data Logger

(LR6) x 2


* Please prepare a thermocouple separately. T&D does not handle the sale of thermocouple sensors.

TR-71wb / TR-71nw

TR-72wb / TR-72nw

TR-72wf-S / 72nw-S

Sensor Jack

Channel 1

Sensor Jack

Channel 2

(TR-71wb / TR-71nw only)

Power Button


Input Terminal

Safety Precautions and Instructions

The following items should be strictly obeyed for the safe usage of

this product, and for protecting yourself and other people from

bodily harm and/or damage to property.

Explanation of Symbols

<Warning Symbols>

These entries are actions that absolutely under no


circ*mstance should be taken. The taking of such an action

may cause serious personal physical damage or death.

These entries are actions that if taken may lead to physical


injury or damage to persons or things.

<Picture Symbols>

Denotes an

Denotes a

important warning

forbidden action.

or caution.


To Prevent Serious Accidents

Do not disassemble, repair or modify the unit and/or accessories.

Do not use the unit in any environment that is exposed to chemicals

and harmful gases. Doing so may cause corrosion and/or other dan-

ger to the unit. Also, coming in contact with hazardous substances

may cause bodily harm to the user or people nearby.

This product is not water resistant. If water or a foreign object enters

the case, immediately remove batteries and stop using it.

Do not touch the unit or AC adaptor during thunder and lightning, as

this may cause electrocution.

Do not handle the unit, remove batteries or cables with wet hands.

This product has been designed for private and/or industrial use only.

It should not be used in situations where strict safety precautions are

necessary such as with medical equipment, or in systems directly or

indirectly connected with human life or well-being.

Do not drop or expose the unit to a strong impact.

Do not cut or process the cords for the communication cables. Also,

do not twist, pull on or swing any of the cords.

To prevent damage to the unit from static electricity, remove static

electricity from your body by touching metal around you (such as a

door knob and window frame) before touching the unit.

USB Mini-B Cable

Manual Set


(Warranty Included)

USB Mini-B Cable

Manual Set


(Warranty Included)

(High-Precision Type)

USB Mini-B Cable

Manual Set


(Warranty Included)

Manual Set

Registration Code

(Warranty Included)


TR-75wb / TR-75nw

Operation Buttons

Place and store the unit and accessories out of the reach of children.

We are not responsible for any damage, malfunction or trouble,

whether direct or indirect, caused by the use of our product.

Do not use any battery, sensor, or cable other than those specified

by T&D Corporation.

Do not put anything on top of the cable or the unit. This may cause


Do not disconnect the USB cable during USB communication. Doing

so may cause adverse effects to the unit and/or PC.

Make sure that sensor and cable plugs are all inserted fully, so as not

to cause an improper connection. Also, when unplugging the cable

from the unit, do not pull the cord, but hold the connector to discon-


Denotes an action

If the unit produces heat, emits smoke or a strange smell, or makes

that should not be

unusual noise, immediately remove the batteries and stop using it.

carried out.

Also, unplug the unit from the PC.

If the unit is not to be used for a long period of time, remove batter-

ies. Leaving batteries inside the unit may cause battery leakage and

malfunction. Install new batteries when starting or re-starting to use

a unit.

For TR-75wb / TR-75nw: Ch.1 and Ch.2 terminals are NOT electrical-

ly isolated from each other. Do not attach non-isolated thermocouple

sensors to objects connected to a live voltage. This may cause a

short circuit or an electrical shock.


» Areas exposed to direct sunlight

» Areas subject to direct flames or heaters, as well as areas in which hot air

accumulates and creates extremely high temperatures

» Areas exposed to static electricity

» Areas exposed to strong magnetic fields

» Areas exposed to water leakage

» Areas subject to condensation or wet areas

» Areas exposed to excessive vibration

» Areas exposed to excessive smoke, dust or dirt.


» Use the unit in the specified operating environment. Do not use it for any

purpose other than for which it was designed.

» Condensation may occur inside the case when a unit is moved from one

environment to another where there is a great difference in temperature.

» Do not use the unit in wet areas or places exposed to water such as bath-


GettingLogger Ready for Installation

Battery Installation & Sensor Connection


Make sure to use new

batteries (including for

replacement) and insert

in the correct direction.

Registration Code


About TR-71wb / TR-71nw Internal Sensor

Channel 1 has an internal temperature sensor. When an external sensor is not connected, the

internal sensor will be used.

Registration Code


About TR-75wb / TR-75nw Input Terminal

When connecting thermocouple wires to the input terminal, make sure that the positive and

negative connections are in the proper order. If the polarity is incorrect, changes in temperature will

be reversed (when the real temperature increases, the measured temperature will decrease).

Wiring Connections

Connect and disconnect the thermocouple wire from the hole while

pressing the input terminal button with a screwdriver or other such tool.

Do not try to pull out the wire without pressing the button.

Registration Code


Compatible Wires

Single wire:

0.32 to

Twisted wire: 0.08 to 0.32

Diameter: 0.12

or more

Strip length: 9 to 10

Using GND

If measurements are unstable while using external power (USB or PoE), connect to the GND terminal.

Battery Cover

» See the Introductory Manual for how to set and check thermocouple sensor type for TR-75wb / TR-75nw.

» The Introductory Manual also explains operations using the operation buttons.

Do not place or store in the following areas:

Other Precautions

TR-71wb / TR-71nw


(AWG 28-22)

(AWG 28-22)

TR-71wb / 72wb / 75wb

TR-71nw / 72nw / 75nw

(Wireless LAN)

USB Port

Ethernet Port (LAN)

» When connecting the unit to your PC, make sure to follow all warnings

and directions from your computer manufacturer.

» We shall not guarantee the unit's operation if it has been connected to a

PC using a USB hub or a USB extension cable.

» Do not insert any foreign objects into any of the units' jacks.

» If the unit gets dirty, wipe it with a clean cloth.

» Make sure to remove dust and dirt from plugs of any cables.

» Battery terminals may provide insufficient contact due to age or vibration.

This may lead to data loss.

» Please note that this document has been written based on the presup-

position that details about contracts with an Internet provider, specific

network environments and the set-up of any other necessary equipment

to enable network connection has already been taken care of by the User

and that connection has been confirmed as workable. T&D Corporation

shall not be responsible for any damages which a contractor, a user or

a third party may suffer, whether direct or indirect, due to the inability to

communicate or use communication devices.


Notices about Sensors

» Do not connect any sensor to the unit other than those specified by T&D


» Make sure to use sensors within the measurement range indicated in the

specifications for that sensor.

» Do not connect the sensor to any data logger other than those specified

by T&D Corporation.

» Do not expose the sensor to a strong impact. This may adversely affect

measurement accuracy and cause damage or malfunction.

» When the sensor is not to be used for a long period of time, please store it

at normal temperature and humidity.

» Do not use the sensor on the human body.

Temperature-Humidity Sensor

» If extremely severe temperature changes occur, it may result in large errors

in humidity measurement. Once the sensor's temperature becomes stable,

the measurements will return to normal.

» The temperature-humidity sensors will with normal use experience losses

in precision and sensitivity over time due to degradation. If the sensor is

being used in an unsuitable environment (smoky or dusty places) it may

be necessary to change the sensor sooner.

» The included sensor is not water resistant. If the sensor gets wet, imme-

diately remove the sensor from the unit and wipe it with a clean cloth as

soon as possible. Then allow the sensor to dry in normal room tempera-

ture before using it again.

» When using the sensor in an environment where the humidity is under

30 %RH, the measurements may sometimes fluctuate. This is not abnormal.

» Do not expose to condensation, dampness, corrosive gases, or organic


Thermocouple Sensors

» We do not handle the sale of Thermocouple sensors. Please prepare a

commercially available sensor.

TR-72wb / TR-72nw

TR-72wf-S / 72nw-S



(Wired LAN)


turns ON when running on

external power.


flashes during network


T&D TR-7WB SERIES QUICK MANUAL Pdf Download (2024)


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