Thermo Recorder

TR-7nw Series Introductory Manual

What can the TR-7nw Series devices do?

Via Cloud

Auto-upload of Recorded Data


Wired LAN Communication

Apply Settings

TR-7nw Series

*1: To auto upload recorded data to the "T&D WebStorage Service", it is necessary to have Internet access via wired LAN and a T&D WebStorage Service User ID.

The "T&D Data Server" application can be used to auto upload data to your own PC rather than "T&D WebStorage Service". (See


USB Communication

TR-7nw Series

Common Operations

Setting up the Device


Connect sensor(s) to the


Image of TR-71nw

To ensure a proper connection, make sure that the sensor connector is completely



Remove the battery cover and insert


• Make sure not to mistake + / -.

• Always use new batteries.


The measurement will be displayed on the LCD screen.

During Sensor Error (no sensor connected /

Under Normal Conditions:

improper connection / damaged):

Starting Recording

• Upon the start of a new recording session all stored data will be deleted from

the device.

• Recording Interval settings cannot be changed while a recording session is in

progress. Stop recording first and then change settings.

• During recording, the power cannot be turned off.


Click the <INTERVAL> button to

display the current recording interval.


Press the <INTERVAL> button until the display flashes.

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2016.01 16504980016 5th Edition


Graph Display

Download Data


View with a Web Browser

printed on the back of this paper.)

Setup and Data Download


Graph Display


With each pressing of the <INTERVAL> button the recording

interval time will change. When the desired interval appears, stop

pressing the button.

Within a few seconds, the display will return to measurement

mode to indicate the recording interval is set.


Start recording by pressing

and holding the <REC/STOP>

button until the


appears in the display.

Below are some examples of recording intervals and maximum recording times1

1 sec.

30 sec.

5 min.

15 min.

About 2 hours

About 2 days

About 27 days

About 83 days

In order to stop a recording session, press and hold the <REC/STOP> button until the

mark disappears from the display.

Details about the LCD Display

Other than the measurement display, the following is displayed on

the LCD monitor.

Data Transmission in Progress

Internet Connection Status

ON : Connected to the Internet.

BLINKING : Unable to connect to the Internet.

OFF : Auto-upload is set to "OFF".

Displayed Measurement Channel

LAN or USB Communication in Progress

Recording Status

ON: Recording in progress

BLINKING: Waiting for programmed start

OFF : Recording stopped

Recording Mode

ENDLESS : Upon reaching the logging capacity of 8,000 readings, the oldest data is

overwritten and recording continues.

ONETIME : Upon reaching the logging capacity of 8,000 readings, [FULL] appears on

the LCD display and recording automatically stops.

* Use "TR-7wf/nw for Windows" or "T&D Thermo" to change the recording mode.

(Cannot be changed by buttons on TR-7nw.)

Amount of Recorded Data in Device

Low Battery Level

* Please change the batteries as soon as you see this mark. If not, the device enters

sleep mode ([SLP] appears on LCD) and stops all operations. If the batteries are further

left unchanged, all previously recorded data will be lost.

Indicates Auto-upload Interval when using <INTERVAL> button

Indicates Recording Interval when using <INTERVAL> button

Operations via Cloud

Making Auto-Upload Settings

By making settings for auto-upload, it is possible to automatically

upload recorded data to the online "T&D WebStorage Service".

In the auto-upload, the maximum number of readings which can be stored in

"T&D WebStorage Service" is 80,000. When this limit is exceeded, the oldest data

will be overwritten and deleted.


Connect a LAN cable to the Ethernet port.

If you wish to use a static IP address instead of DHCP, change the network settings on

our software "TR-7wf/nw for Windows" by connecting the device to a PC via USB. For

details about operations please see the "Help" menu in the software.


Click the <INTERVAL> button

twice to display the current

upload interval.


Press the <INTERVAL> button until the display flashes.


With each pressing of the <INTERVAL> button the upload interval

time will change. When the desired interval appears, stop

pressing the button.

If you wish NOT to use the auto-upload feature, select "OFF".

Within a few seconds, the display will return to measurement

mode to indicate the upload interval is set.

Below are some examples of upload intervals and the corresponding estimated

battery life1

In general, the shorter the upload interval, the shorter the battery life.

Upload Interval

1 min.

10 min.

Battery Life

About 10 days

About 2 months

• All estimates are based on operations carried out with a new battery and are in no way a

guarantee of actual battery life.

• The auto-upload interval can also be changed during a recording session.

Installing the Device

Install the device to the actual place it will be used.

60 min.

About 333 days


Router / HUB

Checking Connection Status

By pressing the <REC/STOP> button, recorded data will be sent to "T&D WebStorage Service".

If the transmission is successful,

will still be ON even after communication is complete


turns OFF.

is blinking : Ethernet connection established and data is being transmitted.

is ON : Internet connection is successfully established.

is blinking : Internet connection failed. Please check the network settings.

Checking Recorded Data


Access "T&D WebStorage Service" from the web browser on

your PC or mobile device.



Follow the directions as they appear to get a User ID.

If you already have your User ID, go to the next step.


Login by entering the registered User ID and Password.


Clicking the [Account] button will take you to the Account

Management page.

Auto-upload settings enable this product to automatically upload data to T&D WebStorage Service.

Please read the T&D WebStorage Service License Agreement carefully before making settings.

* Making Auto-upload Settings indicates your acceptance of this Agreement.


Select [Add/Remove Devices] to open the registration page, and

enter the registration code for the TR-7nw Series device to be


The registration code can be found on the supplied Registration

Code Label.


After data is sent to the "T&D WebStorage Service", either by

auto-upload or by pressing the <REC/STOP> button on the

device, the added TR-7nw Series device and its measurements

will appear in the [Current Readings] tab page.

If measurements are not displayed:

• Check the device screen to make sure

when recording is not in progress.

• Try sending data to "T&D WebStorage Service" again by pressing the <REC/STOP> button

on the device.

• See "Checking Connection Status" in step 2, and check if the device has a LAN connec-


If the display of measurements is not refreshed:

We recommend making the recording interval shorter than the auto-upload interval. If the

recording interval is set to longer than the upload interval, the same measurement is displayed

until the next recording occurs and the new data is uploaded.

If you cannot find the registration code:

1 hr.

12 hrs.

The registration code can also be found by using the software "TR-7wf/nw for Windows" via a

About 1 year

About 1.5 years

USB cable connected to a PC. See

Viewing Data from other than a Web Browser

Recorded data which was sent to the "T&D WebStorage Service"

can also be viewed from "T&D Thermo" and/or "T&D Graph".


T&D Thermo and

of this paper.

Check Internet Connection Status

Saving Auto-Uploaded Data

Recorded data which has been uploaded to the

"T&D WebStorage Service" can be saved to a PC by using

"T&D Graph" and accessing "T&D WebStorage Service".


T&D Graph printed on the back of this paper.

Changing the Settings

By using the "T&D WebStorage Service", it is possible to change the

following settings.

Device Information:

Device Name, Group Name, Recording Interval, Recording Mode,

Auto-upload Interval, Channel Name, Time Settings, Temperature Unit

Warning Settings:

Lower Limit, Upper Limit, Sensor Warning, Judgement Time

The changes in settings will be applied when the device communicates with

the "T&D WebStorage Service". To apply the changes immediately, press the

<REC/STOP> button on the device after settings are completed.

is ON. Recorded data will not be uploaded

Operations via USB

on the back of this paper.

T&D Graph printed on the back



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