Thermo Recorder TR-7wb/nw Series

Introductory Manual

© Copyright T&D Corporation. All rights reserved. 2020.06 16508120013 (3rd Edition)


The TR-7wb/nw series data loggers can be used in the following ways.

: TR-71wb, TR-72wb, TR-75wb

: TR-71nw, TR-72nw, TR-75nw

Via Cloud: Automatic Data Upload

By using wireless LAN (

) and wired LAN (

), the logger automatically uploads

the recorded data to the cloud. It enables the viewing of uploaded data and the

changing of settings on your PC, smartphone and tablet.

Via PC: Setup and Download

See reverse side.

Make settings and download data by USB communication between the PC and

Via Smartphone: Setup and Download (


Make settings and download data by connecting


Button Operations

Press-and-hold the <PWR> button.

Power ON/OFF

(Cannot power OFF when a recording is in progress.)

Start/Stop Recording

Press-and-hold the <REC/STOP> button.

Recording Interval [

] /

Press the <INTERVAL> button (display mode)

Upload Interval [


Press-and-hold the <INTERVAL> button (setting mode)

Transmit Data and Settings to

Press the <REC/STOP> button.

"T&D WebStorage Service"

Cancel Communication

Press the <PWR> button.

Channel on Display

Press the <DISPLAY> button to switch the display: Ch1

(Fixed or Alternating Display)

(fi xed)

Ch2 (fi xed)

Press-and-hold <PWR> and <DISPLAY> together.

EX: When the IP address was 11.22. 33.44,

Display Last Used IP

each part will appear for two seconds as follows:






When DHCP is ON but failed to obtain an IP address,


] will appear.

Wireless LAN Settings

Press-and-hold <PWR> and <DISPLAY> together.

using WPS


Display Sensor Type Press-and-hold the <DISPLAY> button.


• "Press-and-hold" means to hold the button down for about two seconds.

Marks on LCD Screen

Wireless LAN (


ON : Connected to the wireless network. (Signal strength: 1 to 3 bars)

BLINKING : Unable to connect to the wireless network.

OFF : Wireless LAN settings not made.

ON : Connected to the Internet.

BLINKING : Unable to connect to the Internet.

OFF : Auto-upload is set to "OFF".

Displayed Measurement Channel

ON : Wireless LAN Setup using WPS Possible (

BLINKING: LAN, Bluetooth or USB communication in Progress

ON : Recording in Progress

ENDLESS : Upon reaching the logging capacity of 8,000 readings, the oldest data is

overwritten and recording continues.

ONETIME : Upon reaching the logging capacity of 8,000 readings, recording

automatically stops.

Cannot be set or changed using buttons on the logger. The factory default setting is "ENDLESS".

Amount of Recorded Data in Device

ON : Low Battery

When the battery power becomes even lower after the battery warning mark

appears, the auto-upload will stop.

*Please change the batteries as soon as you see this mark.

Auto Upload Interval

Recording Interval

Messages on LCD Screen

Sensor Error: No sensor connected, improper connection,

damaged, etc.

Full Data: Upon reaching capacity of 8,000 readings in "ONE-

TIME" mode, this message appears and recording automatically


Sleep Mode: If you take no action after a battery warning mark

appears and auto-upload stops, the logger will enter sleep mode

and stop all operations to protect data.

*If the logger remains in sleep mode over one week without a change of

batteries, all recorded data will be lost.

Thermocouple Sensor Type (TR-75wb/75nw only)

By pressing and holding the <DISPLAY> button, you can see which sensor type is cur-

rently set for each channel as below.

Other sensors ...

Type T

Type E

Type R

The factory default setting is "K" for both

. Depending on the thermocouple

type you're going to use, make settings or changes using "T&D WebStorage Service"

or the software "TR-7wb/nw for Windows".

Recording Interval Setting (Common Operation)

Install the batteries and sensor(s) in the logger, and make sure the LCD is displaying measurements. The factory default setting for the recording interval is 10 minutes

for TR-75wb/75nw and 1 minute for other TR-7wb/nw models. Follow the procedure below to change this setting.

• Skip this setting if you don't need to change the recording interval.

• Upon the start of recording, all previously recorded data in the logger will be

• Note: When



OFF (recording stops).


Press the <INTERVAL> button.



<INTERVAL> button until the interval time

fl ashes.


Press <INTERVAL> again to select the interval

time. Each press changes the interval as follows:

Recording Intervals (

Automatic Data Upload to the Cloud



This function enables TR-7wb/nw series loggers to automatically upload recorded data to "T&D WebStorage Service" where uploaded data is available for viewing and

settings can also be changed.

See reverse side.

The following procedure has been written assuming the use of "T&D WebStorage Service" with TR-7wb/nw series loggers. Please read the

to a smartphone or tablet via

"T&D WebStorage Service" License Agreement carefully before making settings. Making Auto-upload Settings indicates your acceptance of this Agreement.

• This procedure requires Internet access via wireless or wired LAN.

• When the storage period in "T&D WebStorage Service" is exceeded, old data will be

deleted. Please refer to "T&D WebStorage Service" License Agreement for the service

Ch1&2 (alternate)


• If you wish to select a server other than "T&D WebStorage Service" for auto upload of

data, please use "T&D Data Server". (See

If you wish to use a static IP address instead of DHCP, make network settings us-

ing software.

Auto-Upload Settings


Press the <INTERVAL> button twice to display the auto-upload interval.



interval time fl ashes.


Press <INTERVAL> again to select the interval time. Each press changes the

interval as follows:

Auto-upload Intervals (

The factory default setting is OFF (no auto-upload).


The interval time will stop fl ashing and the display will return to the normal

measurement mode, confi rming that it is set.

Ref: Auto-Upload Intervals & Corresponding Estimated Battery Life

In general, the shorter the upload interval, the shorter the battery life.







• All estimates are based on operations carried out with a new battery and are in no way

a guarantee of actual battery life.

• When Auto-upload is used frequently on TR-71wb/71nw, the measurement of the

internal sensor may rise by around 0.3°C.

Wireless LAN Settings

This step is not necessary for

and go to

Wireless LAN settings using WPS may not be possible depending on the support-

ed features or settings of your wireless LAN access point.

In this case, make wireless network settings on PC or smartphone.

See reverse side.

The following information is required:

• Network Name (SSID)

• Security (WEP 64bit/128bit, WPA-PSK (TKIP), WPA2-PSK (AES))

• Password (Network Key)


Press the <POWER> and <DISPLAY> buttons together until

the LCD screen.


Set your wireless LAN access point to "WPS" mode.

For details about Wireless LAN Access Point settings, refer to the user manual for

that access point.


When the setup is successfully completed, the

will turn ON.

In the example shown left,

Checking Connection Status

Channel 1 is set to Type K,

Channel 2 is set to Type J.

Place the logger in the desired measurement location.

Make sure Internet access is available.

Type S


Press the <REC/STOP> button to immediately send the recorded data to


is ON (recording in progress), the logger cannot be turned

off , nor can the recording interval be changed.

is ON, press-and-hold the <REC/STOP> button until

is displayed, press-and-hold the

1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 SEC / 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 60 MIN


Auto-upload of Recorded Data

Wireless/Wired LAN

Apply Settings



on the reverse side.)

See reverse side.

is displayed, press-and-hold the <INTERVAL> button until the

Auto Upload Interval

): OFF / 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 MIN / 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 12, 24 HOUR


1 min

10 min

1 hr


1 year



10 days

2 months


10 months


7 months

. Plug a LAN cable into a network hub or router,



mark on the LCD display

Connection Status Indicators

Wireless LAN

Access Point

Router / HUB


When you stop pressing the button, the display will return to the normal

measurement mode, confi rming that it is set.

Ref: Recording Intervals & Estimated Time until Logging Capacity is


Recording Interval

1 sec


Estimated Time


2 hours


Press-and-hold the <REC/STOP> button until


Recording Interval

Graph Display

Download Data


"T&D WebStorage Service" without waiting for the next transmission. If the

transmission is successful,

Unable to connect to the wireless network. Try changing the

measurement location or adjusting the distance between the

is OFF or blinking:

logger and the access point, and make the wireless LAN settings



is blinking:

Internet connection failed. Please check the network settings.

Viewing Recorded Data

In order to view the recorded data on a web browser, it is necessary to register

devices to "T&D WebStorage Service" in advance.


Access "T&D WebStorage Service" from the web browser on your PC or

mobile device.



Click [Create Account] to go to the registration page, and follow the direc-

tions to complete the registration. If you already have your User ID, go to

the next step.


Login by entering the registered User ID and Password.


In the [Device Settings] window click [+Device].


In the Add a Device page, enter necessary information* and click [Add].

*The registration code can be found on the supplied Registration Code Label.


After data is sent to "T&D WebStorage Service" either by auto-upload or by

pressing the <REC/STOP> button on the logger, the added device and its

measurements will appear in the [Data View] window.

12hrs or more

Troubleshooting Tips


15 months


If measurements are not displayed:

1.5 years

Check the screen of the logger and make sure

STOP> to start recording. See "Recording Interval Setting (Common Operation)"



1 year

If the display of measurements is not refreshed:

Try making the recording interval shorter. If the recording interval is set to longer

than the upload interval, the same measurement is displayed until the next record-

ing occurs and the new data is uploaded.

If you lose your registration code label:

Open the software "TR-7wb/nw for Windows" and connect your logger via USB to

the computer. The connected logger and its information will appear in the left

boxes of the main window. The registration code can be found here.

If you wish to save recorded data to PC:

Use "T&D Graph" that is available for download from the T&D Website.


on the reverse side.

Changing Device Settings

It is possible to change device settings by using "T&D WebStorage Service".

Note that the setting changes will not be actually applied until communica-

tion occurs between the logger and "T&D WebStorage Service". By pressing the

appears on

<REC/STOP> button on the logger, however, settings can be applied immediately.

Setting Items which can be set or changed:

Device Info

Device Name, Group Name, Recording Interval, Recording Mode,

Auto-upload Interval, Channel Name, Time Diff erence, Unit of

Temperature, Sensor Type (TR-75wb/75nw only)

Warning Settings Lower Limit, Upper Limit, Sensor Warning, Judgement Time

Setting via the cloud using the Mobile App

For the loggers that have been registered to "T&D WebStorage Service", the settings can

also be changed using the "T&D Thermo" App on your smartphone or tablet.

See reverse side.

For iOS

30 sec

5 min

15 min

60 min





2 days

27 days

83 days

333 days

turns ON (recording

View with a Web Browser

will remain ON after

turns OFF.

is ON; If not, press <REC/

For Android



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