Will Gen V Characters Join The Seven In The Boys Season 4? Eric Kripke Gives Definitive Answer (2024)

Minor spoilers ahead for The Boys season 4 and Gen V.


  • Eric Kripke confirms that Gen V characters won't join The Seven in The Boys season 4.
  • Kripke explains that he wants to avoid making the connections between the two shows too deep to avoid them starting to feel like "homework."
  • The Boys keeping its shows only loosely connected means the franchise can avoid a problem that plagued the MCU as more Marvel shows and movies became required viewing to understand new storylines.

The Boys creator Eric Kripke comments on whether any Gen V characters will join The Seven. First released on Prime Video in 2019, The Boys is now in the midst of season 4, continuing Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) and Hughie's (Jack Quaid) campaign against Vought and The Seven. Spinoff series Gen V was released last year, expanding the world of the hit franchise, and The Boys season 4 has now seen the narrative of these two shows become closer than ever as the supe-killing virus of the former becomes a key plot point in the latter.

In a recent interview with TVLine, Kripke addresses The Boys' Gen V connections, confirming that characters from the spinoff won't be joining The Seven. According to the creator, this decision is about not wanting to force people to watch both shows in order to enjoy either one. Check out Kripke's comment below:

Not really. To me, that starts to become like such a crossover and so major to the story that it sort of states that people need to watch Gen V to understand who that character was. I want to try to avoid that, if I can, of making the watching of both shows start to feel like homework. If you want to watch Gen V, great! If you don’t want to watch it, great. To me, making a main character of that show become a main character on this show feels like maybe a step too far.

Keeping Up With The Boys' Franchise Won't Become Homework

Will Gen V Characters Join The Seven In The Boys Season 4? Eric Kripke Gives Definitive Answer (1)

The Boys frequently pokes fun at the MCU through Vought's own treatment of The Seven. In season 4, episode 5, Vought even unveils its upcoming slate of superhero films at a comic-con-type event just like Marvel does, complete with multiple phase timelines with title treatments. Though The Boys' universe is set to expand with Gen V season 2 and a Mexico-set spinoff, Kripke's latest comment suggests his own superhero franchise won't be copying a key MCU mistake.


The Boys: Mexico - Everything We Know About The New Spinoff

Prime Video's satirical superhero universe just got a bit bigger with the announcement that a spinoff, The Boys: Mexico, has just been green-lit.

The launch of Disney Plus in 2019 led to the green-lighting of a handful of MCU shows. Disney doubled down on Marvel, and would, over the next few years, release a web of interconnected TV shows and movies with characters and storylines that crossover and pave the way for additional spinoffs and more crossovers. While some well-reviewed shows and movies came out of this strategy, a key complaint about the whole thing is that it became too much for the casual fan to keep up with – watching everything began to feel like homework.

To keep the MCU accessible for more casual fans, Marvel launched the "Marvel Spotlight" banner for select shows, which signals that no larger MCU knowledge is required to enjoy them.

While Kripke's comment is a promising sign for The Boys' franchise future, the importance of the Gen V supe virus in the mothership show does arguably make the spinoff more of a required watch. A quick re-cap before episode 5, however, does the job of getting viewers up to speed. It remains to be seen how The Boys' franchise will continue to unfold and evolve, but keeping new spinoffs from feeling like homework certainly seems like a wise move.

Source: TVLine

Will Gen V Characters Join The Seven In The Boys Season 4? Eric Kripke Gives Definitive Answer (3)
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Will Gen V Characters Join The Seven In The Boys Season 4? Eric Kripke Gives Definitive Answer (2024)


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