Warframe Boltor Prime (2024)

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  • The Boltor Prime is the Prime variant of the  Boltor rifle, featuring higher damage, critical chance, critical multiplier, status chance, accuracy, fire rate, and slightly faster reload speed. This weapon deals primarily  Puncture damage. Bolts fired stick to their target, and will fling bodies on kill. The body will damage targets in its path. Corpses can be pinned to terrain. Advantages over other Primary weapons (excluding modular weapons): Flung bodies help in dealing with crowds. Low recoil

Boltor Prime - WARFRAME Wiki - Fandom

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  • Fires Orokin designed bolts that are faster and sharper. Boltor Prime Blueprint. Item, Count, Source. Boltor Prime Barrel. 1. Meso M1 Relic. 25.33%.

  • Fires Orokin designed bolts that are faster and sharper.

Warframe Boltor Prime Builds - Overframe

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Conclave:Boltor Prime - WARFRAME Wiki - Fandom

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  • 20 sep 2019 · How To Get Boltor Prime. So, first things first, check the presence of the following relics in your Void Relic Refinement: ... If you don't have ...

  • Hey guys. And the Boltor Prime along with Rhino Prime and Ankyros Prime have been retired(vaulted) from the Warframe reward tables.

How To Get Boltor Prime - Warframe blog

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  • 3 apr 2014 · Boltor Prime BP: T3 Mobile Defense Boltor Prime barrel: T3 Exterminate Boltor Prime stock: T1 Exterminate Boltor Prime receiver: Derelict ...

  • How could i have stopped with such a key weapon in play ..

Warframe 138 Lets Build The Boltor Prime - Wickedfun

6. Warframe - How To Farm Boltor Prime Relics - Gamepur

  • 10 aug 2021 · Boltor Prime Relic Farming. Normally to get Prime Relics you would play the relevant missions at levels that would drop the needed Relics. The ...

  • The Boltor Prime has been locked away in Warframe's Prime Vault for a while now. Today, Boltor Prime Relics once again became available to farm in the In this guide, we will show you how to get Boltor Prime Relics in Warframe.

Warframe - How To Farm Boltor Prime Relics - Gamepur

7. Warframe: Boltor Prime Build - Attack of the Fanboy

  • 11 aug 2021 · The Boltor Prime, a gun that once dominated the meta in Warframe, is currently in the game's drop tables. It's an automatic assault rifle ...

  • The Boltor Prime, a gun that once dominated the meta in Warframe, is currently in the game’s drop tables. It’s an automatic assault rifle with non-hitscan

Warframe: Boltor Prime Build - Attack of the Fanboy

8. Boltor Prime Barrel - Warframe drops

  • Information for item drops, places and crafting in Warframe. ... required for: Boltor Prime 1X Boltor Prime. Place, Rarity, Chance, Quantity. Meso ...

  • Information for Boltor Prime Barrel item

Warframe Boltor Prime (2024)


Is boltor prime better than Telos Boltor? ›

Incarnon adapter causes the Boltor Prime to get superior stats compared to Telos Boltor, still the latter is better than Prime if Incarnon Evolutions are not counted in. Incarnon Telos Boltor will be weaker (substancially) but have some utility to it because of Truth effect.

Is boltor good for endgame? ›

Yes, definitely. Also, it's neither Crit nor Status, just pure damage, maybe throw in Shred or a different fire-rate mod. Damage type depends on the faction you are facing, cannot go wrong with Corrosive as always.

Does the boltor have punch through? ›

The Boltor Prime has a knockback effect on kill that can be used instead of Punch Through so the mod slot can be used for something else. Metal Auger quite effective when fired against lines of enemies as it both punches through them and knocks any killed enemies back into the line.

Is Boltor Prime vaulted? ›

Boltor Prime is currently vaulted, so it's relics are not obtainable in game atm.

Is Soma better than Boltor? ›

Soma has high crit chance, fast fire rate and lots of ammo, so its good for squishy enemies with little armor. Boltor prime is scales better because it's a status weapon, has higher base damage and such, but it has less ammo, and has projectile travel.

Is the Karak or Boltor better? ›

Karak has slower Rate of fire. Boltor will nail enemies to the wall. I'll admit i started with a karak and anything is better than braton but i would have to say now i would go boltor over karak.

Which Warframes to put Roar on? ›

The effects of Roar are applied to Rhino, allied Warframes, Companions, Hostages, Shadows, Specters, and hacked Shockwave MOAs.

Is War better than Paracesis? ›

War or Paracesis? Paracesis is better stat-wise than War, but War is still a very good weapon in its own right.

Is Baza Prime vaulted? ›

I've taken a liking to the Baza recently and was wondering if it's prime variant has been vaulted? And if not, what relics is it found in? Yes, it is vaulted.

Is boar prime vaulted? ›

On July 26 at 2 p.m. ET, Mag Prime, Boar Prime and Dakra Prime will re-enter the Prime Vault AND their Relics will no longer be obtainable in-game. If you already wield the power of these Primes, they will remain in your Inventory.

Is Latron Prime vaulted? ›

Latron Prime have returned to Prime Vault.

Which boltor to incarnon? ›

Prime for status builds. The incarnon adds slash damage, so take this into account for status builds. If you plan on ever using this for Duviri content and you have both weapons, note that Teshin's cave will never offer Telos Boltor to you only the Prime.

What prime weapons are not vaulted? ›

Never Vaulted Weapons
  • Burston Prime.
  • Lex Prime.
  • Venka Prime.
  • Bronco Prime.

Are prime Warframes better? ›

Prime versions have better stats. In addition to above: The normal warframes were released first, and all have different ways of acquiring them. Some are from killing bosses, some are from certain mission rewards, some are from quests, some are from merchants, and so on.

What does Telos Boltor do? ›

The Telos Boltor is an exclusive version of the Boltor available only from the Arbiters of Hexis. Featuring improved damage, critical stats, fire rate, and magazine size, the Telos Boltor also possesses an innate Truth effect.

Can you trade the Telos Boltor? ›

As with all Syndicate Weapons, the Telos Boltor cannot be chosen as the free offering upon ranking up to Maxim rank. Syndicate weapons can also be acquired via Trading, but only for unranked copies without Forma and Orokin Catalyst installed.


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