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What are premier seat memberships?

Premier seat memberships are the most premium seating options in the house with the highest level of amenities outside of being a suite holder, located in the lower bowl between the 15-yard lines on either side of the stadium. They represent just over 10 percent of seats in the stadium. Depending on which premier seat membership is chosen, members in these areas will have a dedicated stadium entrance; premium, all-inclusive food and beverage offerings, access to a club with authentic Nashville style and culinary options and flat-panel TVs showing the latest game action from around the league. The luxury, padded seats are wider than those in reserved seating options.

What are reserved seat memberships?

Sight lines to the field in reserved seating options will be an average of 38 percent closer to the field than the current Nissan Stadium seats and feature some of the best views in the entire NFL. With spacious, 360-degree concourses and expansive patio spaces, reserved seat members will get discounts on merchandise, exclusive, members-only concessions, invitations to annual events, and flexible membership payment plans. More details on reserved seating products will be available when they go on sale.

How do I purchase a PSL in the new Nissan Stadium?

In order to purchase a membership in the new Nissan Stadium, you must book an appointment at Titans House. Current and active PSL holders will be automatically contacted based on their priority status as products go on sale over the next couple of years. New customers must join the new Nissan Stadium waitlist at in order to secure an opportunity to book your visit at Titans House.

What is Titans House?

Titans House is the new Nissan Stadium experience center scheduled to open in Summer 2024. At the appointment-only center, built by Brentwood-based Polk & Associates, current PSL holders and new Nissan Stadium waitlist members will be guided through an immersive experience to learn about membership and seating options available in the new stadium.

Do I have to go to Titans House to purchase a PSL?

Yes, you must attend your appointment at Titans House to purchase a membership. A membership includes rights to your seat for 30 years, so we want to make sure we can walk you through all of your options at Titans House to find the best fit for you.

When will I be contacted to book my appointment?

Current PSL holders will be contacted for appointments in Titans House on a rolling basis during each wave between 2024 and 2026. Order is determined by priority status, including current stadium seat location, to ensure that fans can be shown comparable seats in the new stadium when they go on sale. New Nissan Stadium waitlist members will also be contacted during that timeframe when the product they placed a deposit goes for sale.

How are current PSL holders prioritized?

Initial access to seating options in the new Nissan Stadium will be based on a variety of factors, including tenure, current seat location, number of PSLs held, among other criteria. 

What will happen if I leave Titans House without making a purchase, then decide I want to purchase that seat later?

We can't guarantee that the particular seat you were shown at your appointment will be available later, so we certainly encourage you to take advantage of your Titans House visit. If you choose to purchase a similar product later, we can present you with similar options if still available.

What if I decide to wait for another product that goes on sale later?

If you don't purchase within your wave, we will contact you again in the next sales wave when new products are available for sale. You would be sorted within that wave based on your priority status. 

What is PSL credit?

The Titans are the first NFL team to offer current season ticket members a credit towards their seating option in a new building. Those who are eligible have credit in their accounts to apply to a seating option in the new building. That credit amount is based on the value of that PSL in the year it was purchased – so if someone bought four PSLs at $2,000 each in 2009, they have $8,000 in credit towards seating options in the new stadium.

How do I ensure I receive my PSL credit?

Titans PSL owners must maintain season tickets in the current Nissan Stadium, with good financial standing, in order to receive their designated PSL credit for the new Nissan Stadium. PSL holders have received information on their credit amounts at this time and should contact their ticketing representative with any questions.

How much will PSLs cost?

Depending on what type of gameday experience is most important to you, this building is designed to have something for everyone. We've said all along that we are committed to making similar price points available in the new stadium as there are in the current stadium. We stand by that promise. Nearly 40 percent of the building will be set at $3,500 or under, with over 30 different price points and experiences to choose from.

Will some current PSL holders not be able to purchase a PSL because of smaller overall capacity?

All current PSL holders will have an opportunity to purchase a membership in the new Nissan Stadium. Not every seat in the current Nissan Stadium is tied to a PSL. We will also have an 8-seat limit per account to make sure as many people as possible have an opportunity to purchase.

Are there financing options available for PSLs?

Yes, all memberships allow for purchasers to make payments over time, and members will receive a 10 percent discount if they pay in full at the time of sale. When you come into Titans House we'll detail the different types of payment plans.

What tickets are available outside of PSLs?

There will be single-game tickets held back from PSL sales, and also single-game tickets available on the secondary market.

What is the new Nissan Stadium waitlist?

If you are not a current PSL holder, you need to join the waitlist in order to purchase seating and membership options in the new Nissan Stadium. You can join the waitlist at

How long will the waitlist remain open?

We anticipate that the suite and premier seat membership waitlist will close by the end of 2024, due to high demand for those products and the fact that they are the first products on sale. Reserved seat membership deposits will likely close in early-mid 2025.

Are waitlist deposits refundable?

Yes, waitlist deposits are refundable, or they can be applied to your purchase. 

Why don't current PSLs transfer over to the new Nissan Stadium?

Current PSLs are tied to a seat in the current Nissan Stadium, and do not transfer over to a new seat in the new Nissan Stadium.

Can I still buy a PSL in the current Nissan Stadium?

Yes, PSLs are currently available in the current Nissan Stadium. As of Oct. 17, 2022, buyers that purchase PSLs for the current stadium directly from the Titans Ticket Office will receive full credit for their investment towards PSLs in the new building. Buyers that purchase on the secondary market as of Oct. 17, 2022 will NOT receive credit towards PSLs in the new stadium, but they will retain priority access.

Will parking be impacted during construction?

Yes, on campus parking will be affected beginning in 2024 and beyond. Season ticket members who had a parking pass during the 2023 season should contact their ticketing representative to learn about our new partnership with PMC for parking solutions near the stadium.

There are many different ways to get to and from the stadium. Check out all of our transportation options at

Will fans be able to park in the new stadium?

The new stadium will have traditional parking options, but there will be less parking directly at the stadium than there is currently. We will help identify other methods to getting to the stadium on event days, including preferred partner parking lots near the stadium, new public transportation options, ride-share, and other transit solutions.

What will tailgating look like at the new Nissan Stadium?

We understand that tailgating is a treasured tradition for many fans. With the new Nissan Stadium, we do anticipate traditional tailgating opportunities, as well as other pre-event festivities surrounding the stadium that will provide an engaging, first-class fan experience that can be enjoyed by visitors of all ages.

Will the average Nashville resident be able to afford a seat at the new Nissan Stadium?

Yes, the Titans expect a wide range of seating products and experiences designed to cater to the diverse needs and interests of their fans. The team is conducting market research and engaging its fan base in dialogue to determine the appropriate product mix and associated price points for the new building.


Q: What's wrong with the current Nissan Stadium?

A: The current Nissan Stadium is an aging facility built with materials and infrastructural elements that are reaching the end of their usable lives. For example, the pre-fab concrete frame of the stadium is not adaptable to long-lasting renovation, and the openness to the elements further aggravates issues such as leaks. Improving the current Nissan Stadium would not yield a long-term, sustainable stadium solution.

Q: Who is paying for the New Nissan Stadium?

A: The New Nissan Stadium is being financed by the Titans, NFL and PSL sales; visitors to the stadium and its campus via in-stadium sales tax and a portion of campus sales tax; tourists in Davidson County through a one percent increase in hotel/motel tax; and a contribution from the State of Tennessee. Property taxes are not included in the stadium's financing plan.

Q: What are the benefits of a New Nissan Stadium in Nashville?

A: The New Nissan Stadium will be a game-changing facility for the City of Nashville and larger Tennessee region capable of hosting the world's greatest events on a Sunday and the most impact community events later that same week. It also removes Nashville's General Fund from the burden of maintaining the current Nissan Stadium, which is aging and requires costly upgrades that would likely need to be revisited again in the long-term future of the building. In addition, it returns acres of valuable, central riverfront land to the control of the City of Nashville, which plans to develop the area around the New Nissan Stadium into a beautiful new neighborhood with mixed-income housing, green space, retail and other community-minded purposes.

Q: If the New Nissan Stadium goes over-budget, who will pay for cost overruns?

A: The Titans are responsible for any cost overruns in the New Nissan Stadium.

Q: Will the Titans commit to including diverse businesses in the New Nissan Stadium's construction and operation?

A: The Titans are committed to an open and inclusive procurement process that maximizes opportunities for local and diverse business enterprises. Through its ONE Community platform, the Titans are working together with local, state, and federal organizations to develop practices, policies and programs that confront and overcome any limitations to equity, diversity, and inclusion in its business practices. The team is especially focused on the areas of economic and workforce development in the Middle Tennessee community.

The inclusion of diverse suppliers and trade partners will be an essential part of the evaluation process when conducting proposal reviews as goals will be set. The Titans believe that by increasing opportunities, they will influence economic growth in our community. It is expected that consultants and vendors hired by the Titans will also agree to fully harmonize in endeavors of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Q: What is the anticipated economic impact of the New Nissan Stadium?

A: Over the next 30 years, the New Nissan Stadium is expected to have a direct spending impact of $20.9B, with an estimated total economic impact of $33.7B in the Nashville economy. This total economic impact is expected to support 4,927 annual full- and part-time jobs. Construction of the New Nissan Stadium is anticipated to generate over 19,000 full- and part-time jobs, and create a one-time direct spending impact of $1.9B and a total economic impact of $3.0B.

In addition, the City of Nashville has announced plans to include the returned property included in the New Nissan Stadium agreement in the creation of a new neighborhood set along Nashville's Cumberland River. The neighborhood, through new revenue sources generated by its development, is projected to bring in over a billion dollars to Nashville's General Fund over its first 30 years of development.

The Official Site of the Tennessee Titans (2024)


What do the Titans need in the 2024 draft? ›

Gilberto Manzano and Matt Verderame compiled a list of each NFL team's holes after the 2024 draft. They said the Titans' most important needs are at right tackle, inside linebacker, and safety. That makes sense, considering the Titan's offensive line was one of the worst in football last season.

What was the old name of the Tennessee Titans? ›

The Oilers made consecutive playoff appearances from 1978-80 and from 1987-93. The team relocated from Houston to Tennessee in 1997 and played as the Tennessee Oilers for two years before the team changed its name to the Titans before the 1999 season.

Have the Titans ever won a Super Bowl? ›

Tennessee Titans

The Titans have two AFL championships (1960 and 1961) as the Houston Oilers, but have no Super Bowl titles. The Titans lost to the Rams in Super Bowl 34.

What does the name Tennessee Titans mean? ›

The team was then rechristened the Tennessee Titans, a name derived from Nashville's sobriquet of “the Athens of the South.” The Titans won 13 games in 1999 behind the standout play of quarterback Steve McNair and running back Eddie George, and the team's first playoff game in Nashville ended in memorable fashion.

Who will be the Titans QB in 2024? ›

Rudolph brings more experience behind Levis, who will be headed into his second NFL season in 2024.

Who has the number one pick in the 2024 draft? ›

The 2024 NBA draft begins Wednesday in New York with the Atlanta Hawks on the clock holding the No. 1 overall pick. There will be 58 total selections over two rounds, with the draft being held across two days for the first time in its history.

Why do Titans have Oilers' logo? ›

But the Titans were once the Houston Oilers, a member of the AFL and then the NFL from 1960 to 1996. Owned by Bud Adams, the unique Columbia blue uniforms and derrick logo stood out as a unique brand during their time in Houston.

Who owns Tennessee Titans? ›

Amy Adams Strunk (born September 29, 1955) is an American businesswoman best known as the controlling owner of the National Football League's Tennessee Titans.

Who is the MVP of the Tennessee Titans? ›

MVP: RB Derrick Henry.

How many Hall of Famers do the Titans have? ›

The Tennessee franchise has 17 Pro Football Hall of Famers and 17 members in their Ring of Honor.

What is the Tennessee Titans logo? ›

It wore all white exclusively in its last year as the Tennessee Oilers. When the team was renamed the Titans in 1999, it introduced a new logo that was a circle with three stars representing the state's Grand Divisions, containing a large "T" with a trail of flames similar to a comet.

Why did Oilers move to Tennessee? ›

Adams, sensing that he was not going to get the stadium he wanted, began shopping the Oilers to other cities. He was particularly intrigued by Nashville, and opened secret talks with mayor Phil Bredesen. On November 16, 1995, Adams announced that the Oilers would be moving to Nashville for the 1998 season.

Were the Tennessee Titans ever the Tennessee Oilers? ›

In 1997, the Oilers became the first NFL team to call Tennessee home when the franchise relocated to the Volunteer state. Two years later in 1999, the franchise retired the nickname Oilers and became known as the Titans.

Why are Titans called Titans? ›

Owner Bud Adams took a page from Greek mythology and decided on the name “Titans” since Nashville is known as the “Athens of the South.” Other options included the Tornadoes, Vipers, Pioneers, Copperheads and Fury.

Did any Tennessee players get drafted in 2024? ›

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. – Three Tennessee football players were selected on the final day of the 2024 NFL Draft, pushing the Volunteers' three-year total under head coach Josh Heupel to 13.

What draft pick will the Titans have? ›

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The 2024 NFL draft kicked off Thursday night from Detroit, and the Tennessee Titans took offensive tackle J.C. Latham with the No. 7 pick.

What does Arizona need in draft? ›

Linebacker and cornerback remain needs after Arizona ranked 32nd in overall grading at both positions last season. Mack Wilson is a solid signing at linebacker, but both positions figure to get attention early in the draft.


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