Parking Citations and Appeals (2024)

How do I Pay for my Citation?

Parking citation payments are due within 21 days after the issuance of the citation or within 14 days after the mailing of a Notice of Delinquent Parking Violation. There is no grace period. Payments may be made online, by mail or in person.

Onlinepayments can be made entering your citation number or vehicle license plate number.

Payments for Immobilized (Booted) and/or Impounded vehicles CANNOT be made online. Payment for Immobilized and/or Impounded vehicles must be made in person at the Parking and Transportation Services office with CASH only.

Mail: CSUN P.O. Box 2081Tustin, CA 92781-2081. Please include your citation and license plate number on your check or money order.DO NOT SEND CASH THROUGH THE MAIL.Avoid late charges, do not wait until your due date to mail your payment. Payments are applied using the officialpostmark date provided by the Post Office.

In person at the CSUN Parking Office, located in the Police Services Building at the corner of Darby Avenue and Prairie Street.

How do I Contest my Citation? Initial Review

Within 21 days after the issuance of the citation or within 14 days after the mailing of a Notice of Delinquent Parking Violation (CVC 40207), the person (Contestant) who wishes to contest a citation should submit a request for a 1st Level Initial Review which can be completed online at selecting the "How to Contest" link; by mailing a written request to: CSUN Citation Processing, PO Box 2081, Tustin, CA 92781-2081, or in person at the CSUN Parking Office, located in the Police Services Building at the corner of Darby Avenue and Prairie Street. (CVC 40215 (a)).

The citation appeal will be administratively reviewed and you will receive the results of the review by mail. You should receive a response to your appeal within 21 days of the filing of your paperwork. Your citation automatically incurs late penalties after 21 days, so you must check the status of your appeal online or contact CSUN Citation Processing if you have not received a response to your appeal. Making a payment during the initial review will void the appeal process and close the review. You are still responsible for the citation even if you do not receive a response card. If the citation is cancelled, no further action is necessary by the contestant. Any further inquiries about payment of a citation should be directed to CSUN Citation Processing at (800) 553-4412. If you receive your DMV registration and a citation from CSUN is listed, it is your responsibility to contact CSUN Citation Processing before paying your registration. Proof of payment will be required (i.e. receipt, cancelled check).

Request a Hearing

If the citation is not canceled after the initial review, then the Contestant may request a 2nd LevelAdministrative Hearing by filing a written request in person or by mail. TheAdministrative Hearing on the citation is held before a Hearing Officer designated by CSUN, In order to proceed with anAdministrative Hearing, you must have already completed the first level of your appeal and must deposit thefull penaltyamount. This must be done within 21 calendar days of the mailing of the result. If you are found not liable during the Administrative Hearing process, any amount paid will be refunded.

In the event that you are not able to deposit the full penalty amount due to hardship, and wish to request an Administrative Hearing, you may submit a request for a Waiver of Penalty Depositalong with satisfactory proof of your inability to pay the amount due.This must be submitted within 21 calendar days of the mailing of the result.

Once the full penalty is paid or the Waiver of Penalty Deposit is approved, the Appeals Coordinator will schedule a Hearing before the CSUN Hearing Officer.The owner and/or driver may appear at the Hearing in person and may present witnesses. If a personal appearance is not feasible, the Contestant may obtain a Hearing on written record that includes any statements and relevant evidence the Contestant wishes to submit. (CVC40215(b) (c)).

How to Prepare for a Hearing

When appearing in-person, you should bring the DMV registration, driver license, and all other relevant documents and materials that he/she wishes to submit in evidence. Provide one photocopy of each item to be retained with the hearing file. A person other than the registered owner appearing to contest the citation must present evidence of authorization from the registered owner. The hearing is a formal process, with testimony taken under oath, and all proceedings tape recorded in order to preserve the record for possible court review. Statement of witnesses who cannot appear in person should be prepared as sworn affidavits or declarations.

Hearing Decisions

After the hearing is closed, the Hearing Officer will make (2) written determinations and rulings. A copy will be delivered either in person or by mail to the contestant. If the Hearing Officer's ruling is to dismiss the citation, a refund order will be issued and a refund made without further action by the contestant.

If the Hearing Officer upholds the citation, the contestant has the right to appeal to theSuperior Court. If your citationremains unpaid due to a previous waiver of the penalty, you must pay your citation in full prior to filing a Civil Appeal. Court appeals may be filed in person at the Stanley Mosk Court House on Hill St., 111 North Hill Street Room 112, Los Angeles, CA 90012. The Notice of Appeal must be filed with the Superior Court within 30 calendar days from the date of mailing or personal delivery of the Hearing Officer’s ruling. (CVC40230(a) (b)). Upon filing a Civil Appeal, you will be required to pay a filing fee to the court. If you are found not liable during the Civil Appeal process, any amount paid will be refunded (including the filing fee).

Citation Payment Plan

Pursuant to California State University (CSU) policy 4071, CSUN is offering a payment agreement for multiple unpaid citations or citations totaling $200 or more that are issued ON or AFTER August 1, 2018. At plan enrollment, a minimum initial payment of 10% of the amount owed, plus a $25 enrollment fee, is required. Subsequent payments will be made on a monthly basis as set by CSUN Parking and Transportation Services to the following durations, but citations may be paid in full at any time during the agreement. Individuals interested in a Citation Payment Plan must:
a. Read the Terms of Agreement, and
b. Agree to the Terms of Agreement, and
c. Visit the Parking and Transportation Services Office located in the Police Services Building, to apply in person.

Balance Owed

Period of Repayment Not to Exceed

$199 or less

4 Months

Between $200 and $399

6 Months

$400 or more

9 Months

Complete Terms of Agreement

I. A registered owner (CVC 460, 505) or person responsible for the citations shall be eligible to enroll in a payment plan when they have multiple unpaid parking citations or at least $200 in fees*.

a. Any unpaid citations associated with this vehicle, registered owner, or person responsible may be added to the payment plan at the time of enrollment.

b. Should additional citations be accrued during the payment plan period, the plan cannot not be modified to include additional citations, nor will any additional or concurrent payment plans be offered.

c. Vehicles in scofflaw with five (5) or more unpaid citations can be towed from campus at owner’s expense. Citations in a payment plan will not be counted towards the eligibility to be towed pursuant to CVC 22651(i)(1). Additional, citations collected after or not requested to be on the payment plan by the individual will be counted towards eligibility to tow.

d. Should a vehicle be towed due to other violations, all citations, including those on a payment plan, are immediately due pursuant to CVC 22651(i)(1)(C).

e. The university withholds the right to collect additional collection costs, court costs or attorney fees associated with the collection of citation debt should an individual default on any payment plan.

f. If an individual requires continued access to parking on campus, the purchase of a parking permit is required.

II. The fee to enroll in a payment plan is $25.

III. Applied late fees will not be removed, but any late fees not yet applied will be placed in abeyance while the payment plan is in place. If the individual adheres to the plan terms, these late fees will be waived once the payment plan is complete.

a. If an individual defaults on a payment plan, a subsequent payment plan will not be offered for those citations and any late fees placed in abeyance will be immediately reinstated.

IV. Once the payment plan is in place and the individual adheres to its terms, an itemization of unpaid parking penalties and service fees will not be filed with the DMV (also known as a “DMV Registration Hold”) and any DMV Registration Hold in place pertaining to the citation(s) included in the payment plan* will be temporarily removed.

a. If an individual defaults on a payment plan, the DMV Registration Hold will be reinstated, if applicable.

V. Once the payment plan is in place and the individual adheres to its terms, any corresponding Academic Holds in place will be temporarily removed.

a. If an individual defaults on a payment plan, an Academic Hold will be reinstated or placed, if applicable.

VI. At plan enrollment, an initial payment of 10% of the amount owed, plus the enrollment fee, is required.

VII. Payments must be made each calendar month.

a. There is no grace period for late payments.

b. For mailed payments, a postmark is acceptable to meet this requirement.

VIII. Payment plan duration.

a. For balances under $200, payment plans may not exceed four months.

b. For balances between $200 and $400, payment plans may not exceed six months.

c. For balances over $400, payment plans may not exceed nine months.

d. The period of repayment will be determined by the appropriate administrator.

IX. This policy shall not impact individual campus procedures for using the Franchise Tax Board intercept program or the student “hold” process (pursuant to CSU policy).

X. This policy shall be reviewed by The CSU and recertified by June 30, 2025.

All above information is subject to change without further notice.

* -- This policy was developed by the CSU Chancellor’s Office and is presented for your information. Italicized items were added for clarity.

How Much Will a Parking Citation Cost me?

The table below indicates parking citation costs
Citation CodeVehicle CodeViolationFine



No Valid Permit Displayed




Permit Not Valid at Location




Overtime Pay-By-Space/Meter




Use of Forged/Voided Permit




Altered Daily Permit




Permit Improperly Displayed




Not Parked Within a Marked Space




No Stopping Red Curb or Posted




No Stopping By Statute




No Motor Vehicles - Posted




No Parking - Posted




No Parking - Loading Zone




Disabled Zone ( Per CVC 22511.8)




Blocking Disabled Access Ramp




Misuse of Disabled Placard




Parked Over Time Limit




Other posted violations


Parking Citations and Appeals (2024)


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