15 Best Beaches Near Baton Rouge, LA (2024) Top Beach Spots! (2024)

Located along the banks of the Mississippi River, Louisiana capital Baton Rouge lacks the ocean views that coastal cities enjoy.

However, that does not mean it’s impossible to find beaches in Baton Rouge.

It is important to note that Baton Rouge has a wealth of rivers and lakes, some of which meet the softest sand.

Getting to an oceanfront beach near Baton Rouge is also only about two hours away, with the best beaches on the Gulf of Mexico taking around four hours tops.

All these nearby beach destinations in Baton Rouge attract beachgoers of all types for the fun, exciting activities that await everyone on the sand and in the water.

If this sounds like your next mini beach escapade, here’s a list of the best beaches near Baton Rouge, LA to help you decide.

1. Comite River Park — Baton Rouge

15 Best Beaches Near Baton Rouge, LA (2024) Top Beach Spots! (1)

8900 Hooper Road
Baton Rouge, LA 70818
(225) 272-9200

Comite River Park’s beauty spans over 100 acres of lush subtropical woods and a five-and-a-half-mile trail.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Aside from featuring an exciting maze of trails through the woods and the hills, Comite River Park also has a beach off marker 6.

Comite River’s cool river meets fine white sand and welcomes fishing and wading in the water.

Expert Tip

The mosquitoes can bother those by the river, so pack on mosquito repellent during your adventure.

Also, secure a map of the park if you’re planning to hike as the trails can wind round and round and get a bit confusing.

Recommended Hotel Near Comite River Park — Baton Rouge: Days Inn by Wyndham Baton Rouge Airport

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2. Milford Wampold Memorial Park — Baton Rouge

15 Best Beaches Near Baton Rouge, LA (2024) Top Beach Spots! (2)

901 Stanford Avenue
Baton Rouge, LA 70808
(225) 272-9200

Stanford Avenue is home to Milford Wampold Memorial Park, whose sand beach has a rustic pier surrounded by 4.15 acres of greenery.

Why We Recommend This Beach

The lake at Milford Wampold Memorial Park is undoubtedly one of the most idyllic lake beaches nearby.

Families absolutely love the sand and the castles one can make from it, as well as the open space perfect for picnics and outdoor games.

Expert Tip

There’s so much more at Milford Wampold than just wading at the beach!

Boats can be launched from the pier, an outdoor fitness station offers workout opportunities, and exciting events are also held here.

Recommended Hotel Near Milford Wampold Memorial Park — Baton Rouge: WATERMARK Baton Rouge, Autograph Collection

3. Blackwater Conservation Area — Baton Rouge

15 Best Beaches Near Baton Rouge, LA (2024) Top Beach Spots! (3)

1801 Kathy Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70816
(225) 275-9819

Sitting on 57.8 acres of native flora and natural beauty, Blackwater Conservation Area is one of Baton Rouge’s Recreation and Park Commission’s most popular areas for native flora and fauna exploration.

Why We Recommend This Beach

If your outdoorsy soul is itching for hiking trails and unspoiled nature, you need not look farther than the Blackwater Conservation Area, which is thankfully another nearest beach spot in Baton Rouge.

Hike Blackwater’s three-mile trail for another access to the spot of fine sand that lines the Comite River!

Expert Tip

Be ready for wildlife encounters; this is a conservation area that gives them a home after all.

Do remember that BREC prohibits visitors from attacking them too, so read up on tips online on how to react when you meet wildlife along the way.

Recommended Hotel Near Blackwater Conservation Area — Baton Rouge: SpringHill Suites by Marriott Baton Rouge North / Airport

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4. Bogue Chitto River — Franklinton

15 Best Beaches Near Baton Rouge, LA (2024) Top Beach Spots! (4)

17049 State Park Boulevard
Franklinton, LA 70438
(888) 677-7312

The Bogue Chitto River is the stream that runs along Louisiana and Mississippi and passes a Louisiana state park at Franklinton.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Bogue Chitto River reigns supreme when it comes to river tubing, canoeing, and kayaking in Louisiana, especially if you’re after lots of beaches to boot.

The sand here is more than wide enough for sunbathing and picnicking too!

Expert Tip

Come here during the summers for the best beach conditions.

We also suggest you bring water shoes in case pebbles stick out of the sand or in case the rocks on the riverbed get too uncomfortable for you.

Recommended Hotel Near Bogue Chitto River — Franklinton: Comfort Inn Amite

5. Frenchtown Road Conservation Area — Greenwell Springs

15 Best Beaches Near Baton Rouge, LA (2024) Top Beach Spots! (5)

17819 Frenchtown Road
Greenwell Springs, LA 70739
(225) 272-9200

The Frenchtown Road Conservation Area occupies 495 acres of rich forest habitats fronting the Amite River.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Also known as “The Land Between the Rivers,” the Frenchtown Road Conservation Area is home to a diverse array of plant and animal species that you can encounter along over three miles of trails.

Hiking to the end will reward you with Amite River’s stunning sandy beach.

Expert Tip

While the Amite River’s beach view is tempting, we suggest sticking with fishing and having fun in the sand.

The confluence of the rivers Comite and Amite causes extremely strong currents.

Recommended Hotel Near Frenchtown Road Conservation Area — Greenwell Springs: La Quinta by Wyndham Baton Rouge Denham Springs

6. Cypremort Point Beach — Cypremort Point

15 Best Beaches Near Baton Rouge, LA (2024) Top Beach Spots! (6)

306 Beach Lane
Cypremort Point, LA 70538
(888) 867-4510

Cypremort Point Beach takes about two hours to reach from Baton Rouge via Interstate 10 but makes a worthwhile day trip for its Gulf of Mexico coastline.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Set against a Louisiana backdrop of coastal marsh, Cypremort Point lines the Louisiana Gulf of Mexico for a half-mile.

This lovely man-made beach offers a sailboat launch, picnic tables, public grills, Wi-Fi, and a fishing pier.

Expert Tip

Nature enthusiasts will particularly love the nearby marshes within the 185-acre park, which are home to an abundance of wildlife native to the state.

Recommended Hotel Near Cypremort Point Beach — Cypremort Point: Hampton Inn and Suites New Iberia

7. White Sands Lake Day Beach — Franklinton

15 Best Beaches Near Baton Rouge, LA (2024) Top Beach Spots! (7)

52129 Sandstone Boulevard
Franklinton, LA 70438
(985) 515-0114

Just north of Washington Parish, White Sands Lake Day is a well-loved family-friendly lake turned recreational facility.

Why We Recommend This Beach

If you brought the little ones and are willing to drive around two hours for the safest beach for kids, head over to Franklinton for a spring-fed lake filled with inflatable water slides, trampolines, floating mats, and many more exciting amenities!

Expert Tip

Life jackets are required for children younger than 12, so prepare pocket money as the rental doesn’t accept credit cards.

Water shoes may also come in really handy for the children’s tender feet.

Recommended Hotel Near White Sands Lake Day Beach — Franklinton: Holiday Inn Covington

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8. Grand Isle Beach — Grand Isle

15 Best Beaches Near Baton Rouge, LA (2024) Top Beach Spots! (8)

1615 LA-1
Grand Isle, LA 70358
(888) 787-2559

Down the Gulf of Mexico is a charming barrier island, Grand Isle, which is the only inhabited barrier island in Louisiana.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Grand Isle boasts waters that are highly touted as one of America’s best fishing spots.

Its beach’s warm blue waters also lure summer swimmers, owing to it being one of the prettiest beaches in Louisiana that feature the ocean.

The beach offers a wide array of activities and wildlife sightings, making it one of the best quick beach getaways from Baton Rouge.

Expert Tip

If you find the closest vacation rentals pricey, bring your own tent and camp near the beach!

Facilities are complete and clean, assuring you a convenient and refreshing stay.

Recommended Hotel Near Grand Isle Beach — Grand Isle: Wateredge Beach Resort

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9. North Shore Beach — Slidell

15 Best Beaches Near Baton Rouge, LA (2024) Top Beach Spots! (9)

267 Debbie Drive
Slidell, LA 70458
(800) 634-9443

Louisiana’s North Shore Beach takes about an hour and a half to drive from Baton Rouge but is perhaps one of the most worthwhile weekend beach trips from Baton Rouge that you should consider.

Why We Recommend This Beach

North Shore is well remembered as a popular beach vacation spot for New Orleans upper-class residents.

Not only is there a little white sand beach with exciting activities to expect; North Shore also has a plethora of interesting destinations to check out after a fun beach day.

Expert Tip

Nature lovers should drop by the Northlake Nature Center on Bayou Castine or bike the Tammany Trace for the best views.

Foodies and history buffs, on the other hand, will dig North Shore’s downtown area, where historical sites and sophisticated restaurants abound.

Recommended Hotel Near North Shore Beach — Slidell: Wateredge Beach Resort

10. Gulfport Beach — Gulfport

15 Best Beaches Near Baton Rouge, LA (2024) Top Beach Spots! (10)

3200 W Beach Boulevard
Gulfport, MS 39501

Neighboring state Mississippi flaunts 26 miles of white sand and beach adventures.

Among them is the beach in the city of Gulfport, which offers views of the horizon from the Gulf of Mexico.

Why We Recommend This Beach

If you’re the type to look for peace, quiet, and complete relaxation, Gulfport Beach has lots of those.

Stretching all the way from Biloxi to Long Beach, Gulfport Beach will treat you to miles of unmatched scenery and recreation.

The sand here is incredibly white too!

Expert Tip

Rentals along the coast are numerous in Gulfport, but if you’re in for total solitude, take the spot without rental stations.

You’ll have the beach all to yourself!

Recommended Hotel Near Gulfport Beach — Gulfport: Days Inn by Wyndham Galliano LA

11. Ship Island Beach — Biloxi

15 Best Beaches Near Baton Rouge, LA (2024) Top Beach Spots! (11)

Biloxi, MS 39530
(850) 934-2600

Though over three hours away from Baton Rouge, the stunning Ship Island on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi easily attracts any beachgoer from New Orleans and Louisiana.

Why We Recommend This Beach

A trip all the way to an island on the gulf is already an adventure in itself.

Enjoy the road trip and the exciting ferry ride across the dolphin-inhabited sea to be rewarded with Ship Island’s expanse of white sand, turquoise waters, snack bar, rentals, and amenities.

Expert Tip

While at Ship Island, you can walk all the way to Fort Massachusetts to learn about the historical significance of the island to wars of bygone eras in American history.

Recommended Hotel Near Ship Island Beach — Biloxi: Oasis Resort Gulfport

12. Little Florida Beach — Cameron Parish

15 Best Beaches Near Baton Rouge, LA (2024) Top Beach Spots! (12)

154162 Beach Boulevard
Cameron, LA 70631

Bordering the quaint beachside neighborhood of Cameron Parish, Little Florida Beach is the perfect getaway from the daily grind.

Why We Recommend This Beach

If you wish to escape from the stress and noise of urbanization, Little Florida Beach is as unspoiled as you can get.

Breakwater barriers on the waters calm the waves of the gulf, giving this beach spot its signature silence and elegance.

Expert Tip

The nice beaches that line Cameron are perfect for beachcombers, swimmers, anglers, and birdwatching enthusiasts.

There are, however, no nearby facilities, markets, and lodgings.

Locals prefer it to stay that way to keep the beach in its most pristine state.

Recommended Hotel Near Little Florida Beach — Cameron Parish: Grand Centennial Gulfport

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13. Jimmie Davis State Park Beach — Chatham

15 Best Beaches Near Baton Rouge, LA (2024) Top Beach Spots! (13)

1263 Caney Lake State Park Road
Chatham, LA 71226
(888) 677-2263

Embraced by an enigmatic pine and hardwood forest, the beach at Jimmie Davis State Park is an open secret to outdoor enthusiasts of North Louisiana.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Anyone with a penchant for the great outdoors — whether you’re an angler, biker, swimmer, camper, or nature lover — will love the endless fun to be had at Jimmie Davis State Park.

Locals across all ages particularly look forward to the park’s beach during the weekend.

Expert Tip

When you think of outdoorsy trips, a cabin or a tent usually comes to mind.

Jimmie Davis State Park is actually that adorably stereotypical.

The 17 cabins in the woods are furnished, and there are over 73 camping sites in the area!

Recommended Hotel Near Jimmie Davis State Park Beach — Chatham: Holiday Inn Express & Suites Ruston

14. Biloxi Beach — Biloxi

15 Best Beaches Near Baton Rouge, LA (2024) Top Beach Spots! (14)

1027-1031 Beach Boulevard
Biloxi, MS 39530

Yet another marvel located in neighboring state Mississippi, Biloxi Beach offers you a whopping 30 miles of sugar white sand lined with palms facing the gulf.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Biloxi’s vast sandy coastline is unsurprisingly popular among families, what with its glistening white sand, shallow water, and calm waves.

On top of that, Biloxi also has beach umbrellas, covered sunbeds, jet skis, and other amenities available for rent, and bonfires are welcome too!

Expert Tip

For breathtaking panoramic views of Biloxi, visitors can climb the city’s iconic lighthouse as long as they’re over 42 inches tall.

Recommended Hotel Near Biloxi Beach — Biloxi: Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Biloxi

15. Fort Morgan Beach — Gulf Shores

15 Best Beaches Near Baton Rouge, LA (2024) Top Beach Spots! (15)

Gulf Shores, AL 36542
(251) 540-7127

If you’re bracing yourself for one of the best beach vacations from Baton Rouge even for just a couple of days or more, Fort Morgan at Alabama takes four hours to reach but ticks off all the top-notch beach features on any list.

Why We Recommend This Beach

We’re confident to actually say that Fort Morgan is among the best beaches near Baton Rouge, LA and the best beach for swimming.

With sand so white you’d mistake them for snow, Fort Morgan is sometimes compared to the internationally recognized Destin Beach in Florida.

Fort Morgan, however, has the edge of lesser crowds!

This underrated beauty also hosts a bevy of memorable beach activities.

Expert Tip

For an exciting adventure among marine creatures, book a dolphin watching tour where sea turtles also sometimes show up in the mix.

History enthusiasts can also check out the titular fort at the tip of the Fort Morgan Peninsula.

Those wanting to make the most out of the four-hour trip to get here and live in luxury for a few days can also pick from Fort Morgan’s selection of oceanfront rentals with the most fantastic beachfront views.

Recommended Hotel Near Fort Morgan Beach — Gulf Shores: Village by the Gulf

Map of Beaches Near Baton Rouge, LA

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15 Best Beaches Near Baton Rouge, LA (2024) Top Beach Spots! (2024)


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