: Sonador Drive Little Free Library and Food & Pantry

a place for sharing books, magazines and non-perishable food items with neighbors

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Welcome to the Sonador Drive LFL/Food Pantry, charter #100237 of the Little Free Library network.

All are welcome to take/leave books, magazines, newspapers (recently only), board games, art supplies and non-perishable food items.

Taking Limits: Please take up to 10 items per person/per trip to our library/food pantry.

Leaving Limits: Please do not leave any items if there is not space for the items on our shelves. Please also do not leave items that are outside the scope of our library/food pantry (i.e. no clothes, appliances, etc.).

Other details: Our library collection is diverse and you probably won't agree with all of the views presented.

For more information and resources:

The Sonador Drive Little Free Library & Food Pantry is supported by the Oklahoma Objector Community, a religous humanist interfaith community.