Use these flyers in support of grassroots mutual aid support work during disaster response --  especially if the disaster is so big government response is delayed or entirely absent.

Print and copy them before a disaster so you have them available when they are needed and the copy shops are closed. Do what you can, with what you have, where you are, to meet the challenges of political criminality, economic irrationality, resource exhaustion,  and climate instability. You may make all the copies you want for free distribution.

These flyers may be downloaded and reproduced in any quantity for free distribution.

Make extra copies of the "What to do in an Extreme Civil Emergency" flyer for mass distribution. Use your browser's back button to return to this page.

Mutual Aid Before an Extreme Civil Emergency and Mutual Aid for First Responders to Extreme Civil Emergency. NB: The url for the file at the How to Live wiki is broken due to a line wrap but it is accurate. Here is a clickable link --
What To Do During an Extreme Civil Emergency -- see Note below
The 7 Habits of Personal, Family, and Community Resilience
20 Resilient Responses for Troubled Times

Disaster Preparations on a Limited Budget
Text PDF
Building Community During a Major Disaster
Text PDF
Community Food Projects During a Major Disaster
Text PDF
Food Preparation and Safety

Hygiene Trash, and Human Waste

You Never Miss the Water Until Your Well Runs Dry

Keeping Warm in a Winter Weather Emergency

Managing Winter Energy Bills

How to Stay Comfortable and Safe in the Hot Summer without AC

How to Make and Use a Hectographic Duplicator
All the flyers in one PDF document for easy printing (except for 20 resilient responses).


Note:  The "What to do during an extreme civil emergency" flyer is customized for central Oklahoma. It is provided here as a PDF for people in central Oklahoma, and in Rich Text Format (RTF) for everyone else. Use the RTF to prepare an Extreme Civil Emergency flyer for your own area.

Besides the flyers linked above, the following links should also be printed, copied, and added to your response materials.

Everything Nice Stove Instructions!  This is a pyrolizing stove that produces a hot flame with little smoke, and the end product is biochar, which can be used as fertilizer.

Building a small slow sand water filter for individual use. Complete plans, with pictures, for building this low tech water purification/filtration device. Water purification in a disaster is a big deal, and once constructed, this works by the simple flow of water through its system.

Simple Critical Infrastructure Maps.  Identifies the fundamental threat in a disaster situation as  the "six ways to die" -- heat, cold, illness, injury, hunger, thirst. Illustrates the infrastructure that prevents deaths from these fundamental threats from killing us at these levels of complexity -- personal, family/household, village, town, region, country, world.

Hexayurt -- this is a simple emergency shelter that can be built with common materials by amateurs.

Oklahoma City Mutual Aid -- notes developed at a workshop in Oklahoma on the theme -- "What do we do here if civilization crashes?"

Old Ways, New Ways -- sci-fi story about what happened to us in Kansas City, Missouri when civilization crashed (written in 1999).

These two sites archive enormous amounts of information, all of which would be useful if civilization crashes. Download and print as you have time, resources, and interest.

The Gupta State Failure Management Archive -- this is a very large archive of material compiled by Vinay Gupta regarding options and management in the event of  "state failure" -- the collapse of existing systems.

Compendium of Useful Information -- access to more than two gigabytes of useful how-to information, compiled by Bob Waldrop, and added to at irregular intervals.

What are Printable Flyers and why are they necessary and useful?

The world is afflicted with unjust and irrational economic and political structures. We face multiple threats including political criminality, resource exhaustion, climate instability, and economic irrationality, a perfect storm that can lead to collapse.

An unsustainable system will not go on forever. Unless the stress is relieved and the system made sustainable, it will eventually collapse. We hope that a "soft landing" can be engineered for our currently unsustainable systems of economics and politics and lifestyle, but just in case we are wrong. . . or you get stuck in a disaster when help is delayed. . . or there's some sudden need to jump start a sustainable society real quickly. . .here is a selection of "printable flyers" we hope would be useful in such a situation.

Emergency service organizations have great contingency plans for most "ordinary" disasters (weather events, other localized disasters, etc.), but we should all be concerned about the response of governments to what would be a continent-wide disaster/collapse.

I asked around here in Oklahoma City and local government has no contingency plans for protecting the families of emergency responders in such a situation, so that the police and fire departments can go about their duties confident that their families are OK. How long will they stay on the job if their families are at risk?

Government emergency plans are based on bringing resources from other areas to help the area in trouble. They don't ask and thus they don't answer the question - what happens if no help is available from outside the disaster area, because the disaster is continent-wide?

As far as I know, these printable flyers are the only community response materials for such a situation available on the internet.

The time to make contingency plans is before the situation collapses, and the most basic thing you can do is to download these flyers and copy them in advance of problems so that they are available when they are needed.

And absent a collapse or destablized situation, they have ideas about sustainable living and the importance of knowing and working with your neighbors which are useful for families and neighborhoods.

How to use these printable flyers.

My theory on crisis leadership is that "they who get there the firstest with the mostest" have the best chance of carrying the day.

Imagine the situation, a few days after everything pretty much slides into perdition. Maybe its been coming over a period of months, maybe its quick, like an EMP attack. Your neighbors get together to decide on what to do. You show up with copies of the printable flyers. Immediately, the flyers are the focus of discussion. Instructions! You brought instructions! Written instructions! We are all conditioned to follow the instructions, and here you are, with some instructions for a situation most of them have never ever thought about or considered possible. You gain cred because you contribute something useful.

Your neighborhood is not out of the woods yet, but now you have a plan, concrete actions to work on, something to do. Useful work that addresses the immediate needs of a complex disaster situation is the best way to process the feelings of panic and powerlessness that most people would be experiencing in such an unprecedented situation.

Besides your neighbors, think about your local government. After you meet with your neighbors, send a delegation downtown to city hall, and generally make enough of a polite nuisance of yourself to get yourself and your copies of the printable flyers in front of someone with some authority. Here again, you've brought instructions! Better than anything that FEMA has, ideas that even your local emergency services director hasn't thought of. Practical instructions that fit the circumstances, that weren't dictated by bureaucrats from far away.

To give yourself authority, give yourself authority. As you print and copy the printable flyers, start an informal organization. Call it "(Whatever the name of your town or area is) Mutual Aid". My group is Oklahoma City Mutual Aid. We've had a workshop to discuss our options in the event of a collapse situation here in central Oklahoma. See the details at . If someone asks, "What is that organization?, here's your answer - "We are an informal group of people concerned about community resilience in the face of major and grave challenges." While the copy shops are up and running, make yourself a professional-looking laminated ID card with your picture, signature, a logo (find a graphic of two hands clasped, or two people shaking hands), and the name of your organization. Punch a hole in the top for a lanyard.  Get a brightly colored vest to go over your shirt, stencil OKC Mutual Aid on the back (or whatever your mutual aid groups is) and voila, you look just like everyone else who has some authority.  Looks make the man, as they say, or in this case, the disaster responder.

All the other emergency workers will be wearing something like that, and if your community is of any size at all, somewhere there will be a committee of these emergency workers meeting, and your goal should be to get invited to those meetings. Bring your printable flyers, and  you will be there the firstest with the mostest.

The alternative could be a take-over by what James Howard Kunstler calls the "corn pone fascists" or even worse. Disasters always bring out the best and the worst in people, and if you wait around and do nothing, you are at risk of being at the mercy of the worst. Don't wait for the best to come out in others, YOU are the BEST already so get busy and save your neighborhood.  It won't save itself and if it goes done, so do you and your household.

Step forward, teach, suggest, coordinate, be a good example.

But if you don't download, print, and make copies now,
you won't have the instructions to use in your are when times get tough.

So don't delay, print today! Procrastination is the thief of time.


Printable flyers for promoting frugal living

Family Food Security HTML ..
Saving money on summer energy bills HTML ..
How to make your own snacks HTML
Easy, very tasty recipes made with typical emergency pantry groceries HTML ..

The flyers are copyright 1999 - 2016. Permission is hereby granted to download and print any amount of copies for free distribution (tell your friends!).

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